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Welcome to the Chrysalis Schools International Equipping Center (CSIEC). The focus of CSIEC is to serve as a centralized location for equipping, training and activating individuals whose desire is to learn how to walk like Jesus did and to partner with all Holy Spirit is bringing to their particular region. CSIEC is a place for Apostolic and Prophetic ministry activity and interaction for those seeking to bring kingdom influence by impacting communities with the message of the kingdom of God. The ultimate goal of CSIEC is to bring transformation through encounter!

What is the Chrysalis School?

Chrysalis is not a biblical term but it carries a powerful biblical concept; most specifically, TRANSFORMATION. In its origin, it is the hard covering or shell that protects the butterfly during its transitional period of growth and development. “The whole ideas behind these schools and gatherings

is that we do not gather to teach about transformation but to teach on topics and create an atmosphere that leads to transformation.” The CSIEC is place designed to offer training opportunities that emphasizes a sound educational experience often ignored or neglected by other churches, ministries or other theological educational institutions. It provides a practical theologically based option for anyone looking to expand their ministry training and walk with God. The CSIEC employs different approaches that provide practical experience for all interested in ministering in the power of God through the gifts of the Spirit. Participants will learn how to develop their gifts in their own life, while learning how to recognize communications from the Holy Spirit. Our ultimate goal is personal and corporate transformation!

Courses offered through the School of the Spirit are available online and live streaming. Videos of the classes are uploaded and are made available. Contact us for more details.

Training Modules

The Chrysalis School of the Spirit Ministry schools or “Life” schools have been around for centuries and have played a major part in society as a whole and specifically within the religious ranks. Throughout the history of the Church, schools have played a role in every significant move of God. One of the greatest moves of God was launched from a school owned by a man named Tyrannus that was located in the Roman province of Ephesus in Asia Minor (Greece). It is recorded in an ancient document about a Jewish scholar, that from this School of ministry or Life school, “all who lived in Asia heard the word of the Lord…”. If your goal is to be a part of a transformative experience, look no further; this school is for you. You will have the option to be surrounded by other hungry and sold-out followers of Jesus to become equipped and empowered to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth if you chose. This is the place for you! 

Chrysalis Schools of Supernatural Ministry offers individual 8-week courses on various topics and areas of ministry. The weekly classes and assignments are designed to help you gain practical knowledge and wisdom, for you to live out the supernatural lifestyle as agents of change. Participants learn in an intimate environment on a designated weekday evening from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Chrysalis Schools of Healing and Impartation are 1 to 3 day conference events or “gatherings” where believers learn about the concepts and realities of walking and ministering in God’s power. At the close of these sessions, there is the times for “impartation and activation” which are elements that set these gatherings apart from any other conference or gathering.

The main objective for all three learning modules is simply to teach believers practical ways of how to maximize the gifts and graces, which have been given to them by the Holy Spirit for bearing fruit in the Kingdom of God.