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KCMI Mission

Our mission is to become a global kingdom center that equips and trains individuals to impact every sector of society with the message of the kingdom of God.

KCMI Vision

Our vision is transforming followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change through activation, impartation and equipping.

What is KCMI about?

A Kingdom  is not a religion, it’s not a fraternity, it’s not a club; it is a nation, a country.  A kingdom is built on law, and has an administration, an economy and they have a culture. Therefore, a kingdom is a political, social and economic entity. Kingdom City Ministries International is an multifaceted organization with a global mission and vision that seeks to bring influence to political, social  and economic development to nations and people groups; both locally and throughout the Third World and other struggling regions of the earth.  The ultimate goal of KCMI is to to establish a Governmental Center that brings transformation to the earth through several different expressions of the kingdom of God.  This will be accomplished by the different expressions of the Kingdom of God. These expressions are referred to as the 7 Gates of the City…

7 Gates of the City

Church & Apostolic Network
Leadership Development
Education & Training
Resource Building
Land Development
Business & Government
Relief & Humanitarian Aid

Network Affliation

Kingdom City Ministries International or KCMI is a member of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening  or ANGA, founded by Dr. Randy Clark.