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Our Mission

To inspire community transformation by sharing and speaking the Universal language of Luv through service and education.

Our Vision

Transforming neighborhoods into communities of Luv and communities of Luv into agents of change.

The Love-n-motion story

Luv-N-Motion’s concept was conceived in the womb of my heart over 30 years ago.

It was in 1992, working then as a Youth Pastor, that I first began thinking about community transformation that focused on youth and young adult empowerment. This concept only grew as I found myself volunteering and then working at various elementary schools, Boys & Girls Clubs as well as the YMCA. No matter where I rendered the service, what I observed was clear; more needed to be done to serve children and their families from lower income areas. In many instances, children were having to be left alone at home while their parents worked multiple jobs simply to make ends meet. This created opportunities for unsafe and unhealthy behavior that had become all too familiar in these areas.

 Many groups and organizations developed programs which sought to address this very issue but many of them didn’t and couldn’t have a sustainable impact for one simple reason: they needed to transport the children to the programs. This ultimately took them out of their environment and limited participation, support and realistic community impact. Well intentioned efforts; no matter how noble was only resulting in nominal change in my estimation. Hence, the conception of Luv-N-Motion!

 In the early 2000’s, I began working with a group of young people going into selected neighborhoods within the inner city of Atlanta, GA facilitating various educational activities, service projects and community building initiatives that began to inspire change of behavior with these children. This change soon began impacting their neighborhoods and communities. As a result, Luv-N-Motion has become the signature program for youth and young adult outreach and ministry. It has been implemented in various states and cities with the same result: transformation!

What’s the key? We bring Luv to you…



  • 80% of rapists are from fatherless homes
  • Every 6 minutes in Florida a youth is arrested for a crime
  • 85% of youth in prison are from fatherless homes

*Statistics provided by Paul Benjamin – Chief Servant of the Central Florida Dream Center


To combat the above statistics Luv-N-Motion launched the Urban Renewal C.R.I.S.I.S inititiave.


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